As the year comes to an end with no casualties, we’d like to reflect on some of its grandest moments throughout the months. GumCo went through a lot of big changes in 2015, as well as more than a few legendary feats of ping pong. Here are some memories that we’ll be looking back on fondly.

#5 Garrett’s Haircut

One day he’s Kurt Cobain for Halloween, and the next, he’s a whole new man. Many of us were becoming accustomed to Creative Director Garrett’s long blonde locks, and it will take some time to adapt to this new, cleaner-cut look. Who will be next? Matt? Only time will tell.

#4 The Big Move

Moving up in the world literally and figuratively for us meant migrating to the heart of Salt Lake City. We shifted headquarters from Cottonwood Heights to the historic Market Street in downtown. And once we moved in the ping pong table, it felt just like home again…

…which brings us to:

#3 The Gamechanger

If work comes first, then ping pong most definitely comes second. These past few months have been a whirlwind of upsets and unrest on the court. Each week reveals a new champion, with long-reigning legends losing out to rising underdogs. 2016 only promises more unbelievable matches to come.


#2 The JV Team

This year, GumCo took on four new members under 25, each with solid experience under their belts and a drive to make killer work. Check out our people page to learn all about our freshest of the fresh.

#1 Utah Addy’s Best in Show

In Spring, GumCo won the Utah American Advertising Federation’s Best in Show award for our spot “You Are Not Alone,” for Wounded Warrior Homes. The spot was filmed in Utah under the direction of Ed McCulloch, targeting the issue of veteran suicide which claims 22 lives daily. We were able to shed much-needed light onto the issue and how those in need can seek help.
And, that’s a wrap on 2015. Cheers to the New Year, everyone. We hope you had as much as fun as we did.

Wounded Warrior Homes – Veterans Suicide PSA :30 from GumCo on Vimeo.

And, that’s a wrap on 2015. Cheers to the New Year, everyone. We hope you had as much as fun as we did.