After winning the 2015 Utah Addys Best of Show, GumCo was invited to concept and create the poster and theme for next year’s event. We decided to adopt a style of block collage, where each individual image came together to form a collective whole.

We mocked up a design made up of 12 separate blocks, and in the spirit of creative community, we reached out to 11 other agencies and individuals to contribute to the piece. We projected it might look something like this:instagram

We gave each contributor a different square block to design, without knowing what the other blocks or final ensemble would look like. All they had was a square with a fragment of the line “Get a Piece of the Action.” And true to the nature of Salt Lake’s creative core, we were not disappointed. Each partner in the project delivered something radically different.

Here was our addition, a hot mess of business stock photo madness:08_GumCo-1024x1024

We compiled the blocks together to form the final product: