Infographics come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s no doubt that a visual component is a great way to convey information while keeping it coherent and interesting. But many underestimate the potential to tailor these visuals for a specific audience or message.

The most common format, scrolling infographics are lengthy visualizations designed to tell a story and to be read one section at a time. They are ideal for a website or downloaded as a PDF.

Interactive infographics are a creative way to engage your audience in your message and measure activity. Designed like a simple app, they provide a unique offering to your audience, but additionally require programming. Development requires higher cost and time.


Motion graphics for video are entertaining and effective in communicating your message. They provide a great medium for explaining the benefits and features of a specific product or system. On the downside, they can also be higher in cost and time, but are a great addition to web and social media.

Screen Capture scroll down animation freeger – contad (illustration by Loulou & Tummie) from LouLou & Tummie on Vimeo.
BBC KNOWLEDGE 60 from iamrader on Vimeo.


Successful social media graphics rely on direct, short copy paired with a strong visual, distributed regularly throughout social media platforms. Instead of posting one info-heavy image, try a series of images, uploaded in succession across a certain frame of time. Then your community has several opportunities to see your message and a reason to return to your page.Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.58.31-PM      Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.57.23-PMScreen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.57.36-PMScreen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.58.31-PM

Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.53.55-PM Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-1.01.47-PMScreen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.59.09-PMScreen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-12.57.57-PM

Native Content:

Crossing over towards your social or PR strategy, native content describes custom-created articles for your brand that are integrated into regular content online, such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, etc. Infographics are a useful tactic to enhance these articles and make them more visually appealing. They communicate informative quickly and efficiently across web and mobile.


Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-1.10.31-PM-600x595 Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-1.12.37-PM Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-1.15.34-PM (1) Screen-Shot-2015-10-27-at-1.15.34-PM


Printed executions have the potential to communicate the most detail-oriented information. When presented with great visual direction, a whole story can be told on a single page.


Screen-Shot-2015-10-26-at-3.52.09-PM Screen-Shot-2015-10-26-at-3.57.46-PM

Infographics and GumCo

We’ve created infographics for every category, and we love the challenge of communicating new ideas in a compelling, visually stunning way. As idea people, we can think outside the box and make your message clear. As design people, we can articulate it in ways that are simple and engaging. Check out some examples of what we’ve done recently for our clients.



Infographics are great tools to communicate valuable information for your brand. Used effectively, that message can go even further.

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